Plenty on Twenty
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Plenty on Twenty 3.57 out of 5 based on 21 ratings.
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Plenty on Twenty was an early mover in terms of online slot games. It was one of the first fully featured slots to appear online, and was built and marketed with the intention of attracting players that traditionally visited land based casinos, offering them the chance to enjoy a comparable experience from the comfort of their home. It was also one of the first slots to offer both online and download versions, catering to customers who enjoy the reliability and functionality of a download version while not neglecting those who prefer to log in, jump straight into play and then jump out again.


Both formats have advantages and disadvantages – many prefer the download version and the interface that comes with it, while some prefer the speed and convenience of the Java based online version. Players who do decide to download the game are ensured of a more stable experience that is less reliant on their internet connection, with much of the game’s functionality being drawn from their hard drive rather than constantly drawing instructions from the server. Whichever the player chooses, they are ensured of a smooth, enjoyable experience.

As part of the effort to attract traditionally land based casino players, the theme of Plenty on Twenty incorporates traditional fruit symbols, including apples, lemons and oranges. The slight graphical twist is that the symbols are humanised somewhat, with each fruit having its own face and ‘personality’ built in through the use of simple animations. Otherwise, the theme is not complicated and makes Plenty on Twenty an ideal introduction to online slots, both for beginners and those more used to playing in a real casino.

The gameplay, on the other hand, is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. The layout is standard, spread over five reels and three rows, but some of the skill comes from deciding on the number of win lines in play. The most available on Plenty on Twenty is indeed twenty lines, but players are free to choose anywhere between one and twenty lines. Many players settle on a ‘sweet spot’, with more lines obviously making each spin more expensive, but offering more opportunities to win on every spin.

There are three bonus features in Plenty on Twenty. The first of these is the scatter bonus. Many slots incorporate scatter symbols as a way to enter the bonus round. However, as part of the commitment to simplicity, the star scatter symbol simply rewards an instant cash prize. Three stars on any reel means a decent prize. Four means a very good prize, and five stars means a massive instant win, with no need for the symbols to be adjacent or along a specific win line.

The next bonus feature is the 7 symbol. Lucky 7 is a common symbol on slots and is usually highly valuable, and this remains the case on Plenty on Twenty. The 7 is the wild card symbol, meaning that it can act as any other symbol in the game except the star, enhancing prizes and often increasing the number of winning lines on a spin.

The third and final bonus feature is the gamble game, which will be familiar to many players. After every winning spin, the player is offered the opportunity to either gamble or collect. If they choose to gamble, the entire prize is staked on their choice of whether the next drawn card will be red or black. If they guess correctly, they again can gamble or collect, and continue to do so until they collect or lose.


The final impressive feature that needs to be mentioned about Plenty on Twenty is the attention to detail in both the aesthetics and atmosphere. Some may feel that transitioning a game from land based to online allows for carelessness. However, the creators have really made an effort to make the game a unique experience, including the aforementioned animated fruit characters and even the layout itself and its accompanying title text. Audio is also taken care of, offering something that is both familiar to older players and useful to all, including different sounds for different prizes. Every bonus feature also has its own sound effect, which is particularly useful for players that are dividing their attention among various pursuits.

Overall, Plenty on Twenty is an exceptionally well made bridge between land based casino play and online gaming, and a perfect first slot, with enough special features and high pay outs to make it more than worthwhile for experienced online players.

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